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Paint and Sip Franchises a Popular New Business

Posted by webtech on February 22, 2014
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Thanks to Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney, a growing number of Americans can understand why Former President George W. Bush said, “Painting has changed my life.” Our 43rd President started painting after he left office and still uses the help of an instructor to sharpen his skills.

In 2007, these two moms from Mandeville, Louisiana launched an idea that grew into a $20 million dollar business in five years. They were looking for an income source for themselves, and started a group painting with wine enterprise they called “Corks N Canvas.” Their business model was to provide the supplies and instruction, while customers bring food and beverages. Their idea that people would come for this affordable and fun way to spend an evening worked like a charm.


From their first business, begun on a shoestring budget, the two partners have gone national with their “Painting with a Twist” franchise. The rest is a fast-developing history of a whole new “Paint and Sip” business category, mushrooming throughout metro  Atlanta and all over the country. Franchises and individual enterprises are taking this concept to a national audience of adults eager to enjoy a fun way to relax and create a decent piece of artwork in the process. Some places (if they have a liquor license) sell alcohol to their customers, while others ask them to bring their own food and drinks.

Creative Art for Entertainment is Not a New Idea

Even though the idea of offering painting classes to entertain groups of people is a more recent business formula, since the 1990s the Paint-Your-Own-Pottery business idea has already set a precedent. The pottery painting small business model has shown that people like to make something for themselves and bring it home.

The leader in the industry, the Color Me Mine franchise, has gone global. Its success has proven that this type of small business is not a fad. Although children and their families are the target audience for pottery painting, the ceramic studios also hold art-with-wine events for adults.

Some people feel this painting-for-fun business idea is a fad that will not last, but the pottery painting ceramic success says otherwise. Repeat visitors at local paint and sip studios suggest that customers will keep on coming back to enjoy the experience.

Buy a Franchise or Start an Independent Business?

In this tough economy, another source of income is welcome. If you are in the Atlanta, GA area and are thinking of starting a paint and sip business of your own, you will need to decide whether a franchise or an independent business will best suit you. Taking the franchise route has its advantages.

Lowering the risk is a big part of it. With a franchise you can follow a formula that has worked and get a lot help from experienced guides. The trial and error challenges that new businesses face are avoided this way.

However, there is also less freedom to try new things and the initial expenses may be higher than the cost of starting your own independent place. In a creative field like this one, you want to try this less supported route. If this sounds like a business you would enjoy owning, talk to an experienced business broker about your options.

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