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Doreen Morgan

Owner and Managing Director

Doreen owns Sunbelt Atlanta and is one of the leading M&A Advisors in the United States with over 200 transactions since 2005.

Area's of Expertise

  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Franchise & Specialty Distribution
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Franchise & Specialty Distribution Segment
Sunbelt Atlanta’s Franchise and Specialty Distribution division provides exit strategies for franchisors, franchisees and manufacturers using distributorship, and dealer network business models.
Sunbelt Atlanta has represented business owners on the sale of their companies in the franchise and distribution space in most industry sectors, including; retail, automotive, healthcare & medical, fitness, consulting, home improvement, textile, and construction. From the single unit operator, and multi-unit franchisee, to the franchisor and manufacturer, we have the industry experience to maximize the value on the sale of your company.
M&A activity in the franchise space is rapidly increasing. Private equity firms, family offices and other large investment vehicles have come to realize the power of the franchise and distribution business model in recent years and many are actively and aggressively pursuing the acquisition franchisors, and multi-unit franchisees to add to their investment portfolios.  In addition to increased M&A activity in the franchise industry, single unit franchise sales are on the rise as late born baby boomers, (people 50 to 60 years old) exit corporate America in pursuit of second careers.
Franchisors and Franchisees alike, large and small, should see more buyers and higher multiples for the next several years to come.   
At Sunbelt, we understand the nuances of selling a franchise concept or distributorship and we welcome the opportunity to support you with the transition of your business. If you would like to learn more about how Sunbelt can help you with your exit strategy, please contact us today.
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