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Doreen Morgan

Owner and Managing Director

Doreen owns Sunbelt Atlanta and is one of the leading M&A Advisors in the United States with over 200 transactions since 2005.

Area's of Expertise

  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Franchise & Specialty Distribution
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As your trusted franchise business brokers, Sunbelt Atlanta's Franchise and Specialty Distribution division offers tailored exit strategies for franchisors, franchisees, and manufacturers using distributorship and dealer network business models.

Sunbelt Atlanta has extensive experience as franchise business brokers, representing business owners in the sale of companies in various sectors, including retail, automotive, healthcare & medical, fitness, consulting, home improvement, textile, and construction. From single unit operators and multi-unit franchisees to franchisors and manufacturers, our industry expertise ensures that you receive the maximum value for your business sale.

M&A activity in the franchise space is on the rise. Private equity firms, family offices, and other significant investment entities have recognized the value of the franchise business model. Many are actively and aggressively pursuing acquisitions of franchisors and multi-unit franchisees to enhance their portfolios. Additionally, single unit franchise sales are increasing, especially among late-born baby boomers seeking second careers.

Franchisors and franchisees, both large and small, can anticipate more buyers and higher multiples in the years ahead. At Sunbelt, we're not just franchise business brokers; we're experts who understand the unique aspects of selling a franchise or distributorship. We welcome the opportunity to support you with the transition of your business. If you would like to learn more about how Sunbelt, your premier franchise business brokers, can assist with your exit strategy, please contact us today.

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Ace Hardware – Hammond

Chattanooga, TN the undersigned acted as Advisor Doreen Morgan

Visiting Angels

Atlanta, GA the undersigned acted as Advisor Sunbelt Atlanta

Peachtree Collision Center

Columbia, SC the undersigned acted as Advisor Laura Chapman

Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins Franchises

McDonough, GA the undersigned acted as Advisor Sunbelt Atlanta

Ace Hardware – Lawrenceville

Social Circle, GA the undersigned acted as Advisor Doreen Morgan

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sunbelt Atlanta specialize in selling franchise businesses?
Sunbelt Atlanta has a dedicated team with expertise in selling franchise businesses. We understand the unique dynamics of the franchise industry, including franchise agreements, brand value, and transfer processes. Our tailored approach ensures that your franchise receives maximum exposure to potential buyers who are interested in the franchising model, leading to a successful sale.
How does Sunbelt Atlanta handle franchise-specific challenges when selling my franchise?
Selling a franchise business comes with its own set of challenges, from franchise agreement transfers to brand representation. Sunbelt Atlanta has extensive experience in overcoming these obstacles, ensuring a smooth and efficient sales process. We handle negotiations with franchisors, assist in transferring franchise agreements, and address any franchise-specific concerns to facilitate a seamless transition for both parties.
How does Sunbelt Atlanta attract qualified buyers for my franchise business?

Sunbelt Atlanta employs targeted marketing strategies to attract qualified buyers who are specifically interested in purchasing franchise businesses. We leverage our extensive network, industry connections, and digital marketing techniques to reach potential franchisees actively seeking franchise opportunities. Our goal is to connect your franchise business with motivated buyers who align with your brand and vision.

Can Sunbelt Atlanta provide guidance on franchise valuation and market positioning?

Absolutely. Sunbelt Atlanta offers comprehensive valuation services tailored to franchise businesses. We assess various factors, including brand recognition, revenue streams, and growth potential, to determine an accurate valuation for your franchise. Additionally, we provide strategic advice on market positioning to enhance the attractiveness of your franchise business to potential buyers, ultimately maximizing its sale price.

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