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Buying or Starting a Learning Center Business

By Sunbelt Marketing on Mar 25, 2014 12:00:00 AM

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With the current state of our nation’s education system, more and more parents are looking to places outside of school to help their children succeed. The desire for parents to see their children do well in school provides a great opportunity for franchises that specialize in supplementary education. As the need for supplemental education resources continues to grow, now is the best time to start a learning center.

You Don’t Need Your Own Building

You can start a learning center without purchasing or renting a building to run it. Learning centers are simply the business of professional tutoring, which you can do anywhere. From locations in churches, homes, meeting halls and even virtual classrooms, it’s not costly to get started in this business.

Teacher Consultants

A learning center essentially is a business that provides professional tutoring. Since learning centers do not simple tutor students but offer supplementary education, they are a hybrid blend between tutors and teachers known as teacher consultants. Most teaching consultants have a background working as an educator or have degrees in education.

Teaching consultants will typically meet with a gathering of students on a weekly basis, but this can vary depending on the learning center. Depending on what your community needs, you can offer daily after school classes or one-on-one weekly sessions.

What is most important when it comes to hiring teacher consultants is finding candidates who are passionate about education, professional, patient, and likable. Many students who look to learning centers for help are simply too intimidated by their schoolteachers to ask for help. This is why hiring an approachable teacher consultant is paramount.

Services to Offer

Students who come to learning centers for supplementary education are not just in search of basic tutoring. Most commercial learning centers offer testing services, learning style analysis, educational consulting, educational workshops, homeschooling seminars, and tutoring services.

Some parents and students are simply looking for an effective after-school program to help prepare for standardized testing, such as the SAT or ACT. Parents who homeschool cannot always teach each subject effectively to students and therefore rely on learning centers to teach those subjects for them. Not only can parents bring homeschooled children to learning centers for classes, but also they themselves can take classes on how to develop a homeschooling plan that works for their child.

Most importantly, when starting a learning center be aware of the needs of your community and be flexible in your programs to be able to accommodate all kinds of students.

Don’t Fear Current Economic Times

Despite the current economic status of the country, there is a market size large enough to make learning centers profitable even in today’s market. Supplemental education fills the gap that public education leaves by catering to the students. The market for learning centers is not only a growing market, but also one that helps our communities in the long term. From time to time learning center franchise resales become available for acquisition.  These resale franchises have historical revenue and earnings numbers illustrating their success.  Contact Sunbelt Business Brokers, Atlanta or visit the “Business Listings” section of our website to see if any are currently available.

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