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AT&T Picks Atlanta for a New Innovation Center

By Sunbelt Marketing on Jul 29, 2013 12:00:00 AM

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Last month, AT&T confirmed that it has selected Atlanta as the home for its fourth Foundry innovation center. The center, which is a hub for engineers, developers and venture capitalists, will be situated on the Georgia Tech campus. AT&T chose Atlanta above other competitors due to the business opportunities and education level of the population, among other factors.

Like Google, AT&T sees valuable investment opportunities in joining the wave of “tech investments” that are currently sweeping the country. By offering full-time employment and other opportunities to local entrepreneurs, the company seeks to expand both its brand and its ability to help foster new ideas, economic growth, and technological development.

Manufacturing a New Tomorrow

While the center itself isn’t expected to create a huge boon of jobs for those within the Atlanta area, it does hold promise. Companies which are influenced or launched by the Foundry may go on to help create their own jobs, setting off a chain reaction that could boost manufacturing opportunities in the area. Jobs could be created at every level of expertise, and across several disciplines, all of which is good news for residents of Atlanta and Georgia as a whole.

The government’s not shy about the benefits either; more jobs means more opportunities to attract entrepreneurs to the state, and more tax revenue from companies that benefit from the Foundry’s presence. Every start up that results from the Foundry could be yet another tech giant in the making.

Atlanta, Home of Small Businesses

In the past, the state of Georgia has done much to promote new businesses, start ups, and businesses owned by women and minorities. Some of the more intriguing entrepreneurs in the area include TreeZero’s CEO, Michael Nilan, who has developed paper derived from sugar cane waste, and Richard Cavagnaro of AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC, who specializes in water systems.

With these and other innovative businesses in Georgia, it’s no wonder why AT&T chose Atlanta as the base for its new foundation of engineering and business strategy. While the future of the Foundry is still one of hopeful optimism, there’s no doubt that the impact that these new jobs could have on the area could play a role in how the entire state will develop throughout the new century.

A Clear Message

With the placement of its innovation center, AT&T has also signaled to other tech giants that it may be time to make considerable investments into the American workforce to see results. In the past, much of the tech innovation industry relied on Silicon Valley and other areas as hubs, but time and opportunity have seen new areas that are rich for exploration and growth. Atlanta is just one example of the many cities that exist throughout America that could not only benefit from these investments, but which can also return considerable profits and job opportunities as well. For those who are searching for the next big thing, you might be able to find it homegrown on Georgia’s soil.

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