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Finding Practical Help for Migrant Workers

By Sunbelt Marketing on Jul 28, 2020 12:00:00 AM

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The Bare Minimum
Every human being deserves to have their basic needs met. Unfortunately, many migrant workers often struggle with their essentials. 

Healthcare is a must-have, especially during the pandemic. 
Mental health is a concern as well. 
It’s not unusual for housing to be a problem. 
Crowded conditions compound their health concerns. 
Food insecurity is also a common issue.
Taking care of their children while they work can be problematic.

People and Organizations
There are resources available in the form of people and organizations, but migrants often don’t know where to turn. You can connect them with appropriate help or even dive in with a solution.

Head Start is a valuable resource for all parents.
There are online opportunities for hiring child care.
Starting a daycare is another practical way to meet childcare needs.
There are portable housing structures for temporary shelter
The Migrant Clinicians Network provides services for mobile populations.
Those in need of legal assistance can find top freelancers via job boards like Upwork.

Tech Tools
These days, there is tech available for everything under the sun. When migrant workers and their helpers need real-time assistance, apps can come to the rescue. 

Foodfinder US can help with sourcing free food. 
Just Good Work is an app designed specifically for migrant workers.
ImMigRant helps migrant workers with their healthcare concerns. 
CitizenshipWorks assists with applications for citizenship.

The plight of migrant workers can sound grim at first glance, but problems always present opportunities. Turn to the people and organizations that can help, and don’t be afraid to step in with critical tools and information. Together we can make a difference.

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