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Start Your Business By Buying An Existing Website

By Sunbelt Marketing on Dec 29, 2015 12:00:00 AM

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Thanks to the breadth of the Internet, there are now many new ways for entrepreneurs to start businesses such buying existing websites and turning them into successful companies. This method comes with several pros and cons that must be considered before making the final purchase agreement.

Pre-existing Market

One of the biggest reasons that new business owners may want to buy an existing site is that it allows you jump right in and start making money immediately. You will be able to benefit from the customers who are already following the existing site, and not have to worry about drawing in traffic immediately from scratch. This is an effective strategy that takes advantage of the acquisition of pre-existing content and customer bases.

Time Investment

Producing a new website can take months, and building a following takes even longer. Plus, it takes time to test your new site and make effective changes and updates that reflect the demands of the market afterward. This is an ongoing process that will require a huge investment of time and research to properly enact. By contrast, purchasing an existing site will jump start the process, and allow you to see what is already working and what is not. It also gives you the added benefit of bringing a new perspective to the existing content that may push it in directions that the previous owner had not thought of. This kind of innovative growth can lead to quick expansion of a newly acquired site without all the lead-time of building your own following.

Financial Statistics

One of the biggest factors in purchasing a website will be the final price. Of course, a successful site will come with a price tag that is probably several times higher than what it is currently earning. Before you begin the process of buying, you will need to review the current income of the site and all pertinent traffic data about the site’s performance in the past. The reality is that it may take a while to recoup your initial financial investment if the site’s sellers know that you will have a steady income stream coming in. Still, it’s up to you to improve those profit margins and grow the site until it outpaces its current rate.

Ultimately, choosing to purchase an already lucrative website may be the quickest and easiest way to start a new business, but it will still require careful research and forethought to keep it profitable. Based on the website’s history, you should be able to determine the current net worth of the site, and find areas that can be improved upon to make the site even more successful. As with any new acquisition or merger, you will need to be vigilant in your research throughout the process and be ready to take on both the past successes and failures of the seller’s business. All investments are somewhat risky, but purchasing a website does offer a very expedited start up process over building a website from the ground up.

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