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Sunbelt distributor specialist have extensive training and expertise to ensure you receive the maximum value from the sale of your business. While we are equipped to sell a wide-variety of businesses within the distribution segment, we primarily focus on companies in textiles, food, industrial, paper products, printing and publishing, plastics, and electrical and electronic manufacturing. This sub-specialization only enhances the value we bring to a transaction.

The distribution segment is currently undergoing trends that are favorable for owners seeking to exit the industry. As consumption starts to pick-up,manufacturers will have to increase supply to meet the growing consumer demand. Wholesale distributors will form a necessary link in the supply-chain by facilitating this flow of goods from manufacturers to retailers. The role of wholesale distributors will become even more critical as the internet becomes the primary market-place for consumers.

Strategic distribution buyers will look to M&A as a cost-effective way to scale their current operations. Distribution sellers with a sound business model and solid platform will look especially attractive to these strategic buyers. Within the coming years, we expect to see aggressive expansion within this segment.

Our Wholesale Distribution segment specialist welcome the opportunity to support you with the transition of your business. If you’d like to learn more about Sunbelt can support you, please contact us today.

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    was acquired by

    US LBM Holdings, LLC

    BSA was acquired by US LBM Holdings, LLC,



    was acquired by

    CMS Mechanical and Nextech

    Kleen Air Research was acquired by CMS Mechanical and Nextech,


    Manufacturing/Wholesale Distribution

    was acquired by

    Westechnical Operating Company

    Kimberley Steel Fabricators and B&G Machine was acquired by Westechnical Operating Company,


    Manufacturing/Wholesale Distribution


    Manufacturer – Lawn and Garden Accesso...

    This company spun out of a retail product development and manufacturing company who, for the last 15 years, has des ...

    Industry Leader Firewood Distributor and Man...

    This Company is an industry leader in the manufacturing and the distribution of heat treated, kiln dried firewood. ...

    Retailer and Manufacturer of Vintage Automob...

    Since 1992 this company has been providing Vintage Automobile enthusiasts with premium quality parts and components ...

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