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Everything you need to know about working with Sunbelt Atlanta Business Brokers and Intermediaries.

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Selling Your Business?

Selling a business can be difficult. According to a recent study, only 20 to 30 percent of companies that go to market sell. This might make you despair if you're dreaming of selling a business quickly but no need to despair, there are ways to sell your business fast, in fact it's what we do for a living everyday.

Deciding to sell your business is the easy part. How to go about selling it is another project altogether. Sunbelt Atlanta has been in the business of selling businesses for over 22 years, and our knowledge and experience will help you achieve your goals.

Sunbelt Atlanta Business Brokers are well-trained professionals who are aware of your needs. In fact, many of our Brokers and M&A Advisors have experience as business owners. Whether you are planning to sell a business quickly or just considering the possibility, call us for a confidential, no-cost assessment. It is never to early to start planning your exit strategy.



Leverage Our Expertise

Deciding to sell your business is the easy part. How to go about selling it is another project altogether. Setting a price, advertising, negotiating with a prospective buyer, and a host of legal and financial details need to be addressed. Whether you plan to sell a small business or a lower middle-market company ranging in revenue from $750,000 to over $100,000,000, or a Franchise Resale, Sunbelt Atlanta Business Brokers and M&A Advisors can provide the knowledge and experience needed to guide you through the process. Also, most accounting in a privately-held company is done to minimize tax obligations and may not portray the company in the best light. This is an issue we deal with every day. Sunbelt of Atlanta will help you in recasting your financial information to capture the true discretionary cash flow produced by your business. This allows you to maximize the value of your business by showing its true earning capacity.

Our Exposure: As a member of the Sunbelt Network, we place your business in front of a multitude of Deal Makers across the globe. Each Sunbelt office can confidentially access your listing and help promote the sale of your business at the best price possible. By using our proprietary website, our network is connected to an average of 12,000 business for sale listings. Learn more about how this technology works for you by clicking here.

Our Method: Each of our individual Advisors are trained in the specific business brokerage disciplines that produce results. Consultation on a variety of business issues is available at your request as your selling process evolves. Selling a business is an intricate process that requires a very specific expertise as well as the ability to solve problems in a practical yet creative manner. We do realize, however, that all businesses are unique and that applying a “cookie-cutter” approach will not be the most effective method. We always try to tailor our marketing and procedures to accommodate the needs of your business and your concerns. Our intent is always to keep you informed and involved in the sale of your business. We know you want the freedom to concentrate on your business while we find you the right buyer.


We Are Professional Negotiators

When you decide to sell your business with Sunbelt Atlanta, determining the right selling price, of course, is crucial. We can assist you in determining a fair market price that you can feel good about, because we know the prices of similar types of businesses in your area, as well as trends at work in the market.

We screen all inquiries and schedule meetings with serious prospects at a time that is convenient for you. This offers you the combined benefits of convenience and absolute confidentiality.

We handle negotiations in a clean, patient and professional manner that keeps the business issues clearly in focus rather than clouded by emotions of personalities. Sunbelt Atlanta turns the concerns created by Attorneys, Accountants, Landlords, Buyers and Sellers into creative solutions that work for you as we sell your business.

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We Maximize Business Valuations

Before you set the price, you need to know the real value of your business and the external variables that will impact the price tag of your business. Factors such as the economy, your particular industry, potential legal requirements to enter/stay in the market are all factors you should consider as you assign value to your business.

As you begin to assess the value of your business, gain the help of your accountant, financial planner, or real estate expert. Their expert opinion and analysis will be invaluable during this part of the process.

In today’s advantageous market, many business owners do not receive the best value when they sell a business – most often because they do not truly know their company’s value. For that reason, the valuation process is a true asset to the business owner and a thorough, professionally prepared valuation will assist him or her in:

Helping identify the key value drivers, major strengths, and more importantly, the major weaknesses of a company, allowing the owner to solve both obvious and hidden problems prior to selling a business.
Determining a reasonable selling price. Many owners rely on casual advice from friends, advisers inexperienced in valuating businesses or other similarly unreliable sources. This can result in valuations that are either too high or too low. If the owner’s expectation of value is too high, it will prolong the selling process until a price concession is made. If the price is too low, money is left on the table. Unless the business owner goes through the valuation process, he or she just will not know if the business is priced at market value.

Fully understanding the value of the business will assist during negotiations. In this market, one can expect buyers to be sophisticated and experienced. They will conduct a rigorous analysis of the company, even if the seller has not. They will look at those factors and value drivers that the owner and his advisors should consider in valuing the company, and they will use that information against the seller in negotiations.


Our Step by Proven Process

  1. Initial seller meetings are conducted by the Sunbelt Atlanta Broker (a professionally trained Business Broker/Intermediary holding a Real Estate license), and the seller is educated on the process of selling a business.
  2. A Representation Agreement is filled out by the Sunbelt Broker in coordination with, and signed by, the seller. Immediately after signing the Representation Agreement, the Seller provides the Broker the following:
    • Complete lists of all equipment and other assets to be included or excluded in the sale.
    • Profit and loss statements, balance sheets and tax returns of the business covering the last three years or more.
    • The most recent interim profit and loss statement and balance sheet.
    • Real and personal property leases.
    • Copies of all patents, licenses, loan documents, contracts or agreements.
    • All agreements relating to employee benefits.
    • Any environmental reports.
    • Copies of all other documents needed to present a fair and accurate description of the business to prospective buyers.
  3. During the representation period, the Seller must update each document when any material change has occurred. Seller consents to Sunbelt publishing, advertising or distributing information about the business in a discreet and confidential way to prospective purchasers as well as to contacting landlords and any others regarding any of the information about the business.
  4. Sunbelt writes a narrative on the business. The Representation Agreement is entered into the Sunbelt proprietary database, and a Business Profile is created. The Business is introduced to all of our other brokers during weekly office meetings.
  5. All other brokers match the Seller’s Business Data (SBD) against Buyers in their respective queues (Buyers, who have previously been interviewed, signed a Confidentiality Agreement and filled out a detailed Buyer’s Profile). Sunbelt plans an advertising strategy and the SBD is added to web sites in such a manner so the general public cannot identify the business.
  6. Buyers in queue and buyers who have responded from the advertisements will have their backgrounds and finances evaluated to determine if they are qualified buyers. If qualified buyers are interested in the business for sale, they will be shown a Business Profile. If further interest is shown, the Seller’s broker will arrange a meeting with the Seller.
  7. If a Buyer wants to make an offer at a fair price, the Buyer’s broker will write the offer and secure a deposit.
  8. The Seller’s broker will present all offers to the Seller.
  9. Seller and Seller’s broker will review each offer and decided whether to accept it or counter the offer. If Seller wants to counter, s/he can:
    • Mark up the original offer, initial the changes and sign the offer.
    • Re-write the offer.
  10. Once an offer is accepted, due diligence begins:
    • All contingencies of the offer must then be addressed. If the due diligence proves the business to be as represented and all other conditions are met, the Buyer signs the contingencies to show they have been satisfied.
    • If the due diligence does not prove the business to be as represented or any of the other conditions, such as securing third party financing cannot be met, then either the offer for the business for sale can be renegotiated or the offer will be canceled and the Buyer’s deposit check will be returned.
  11. Seller’s broker secures, answers and/or provides the following to ensure a timely close:
    • Copy of the Representation Agreement
    • Copy of the Purchase Agreement and Counteroffers
    • Copy of signed Contingencies Removals
    • Seller(s) name, address (other than business address), Social Security number, sales tax number, and federal tax identification number if a corporation.
    • Buyer(s) name, address (other than Business address), Social Security Number, and federal tax identification number if a corporation.
    • Secures the deposit check from Buyer.
    • Secures leases – amount of monthly rental, security deposit, assignment, new lease, etc./Estimates closing date, date of possession by Buyer and pro-ration date.
    • Investigates insurance. Will Buyer assume Seller’s or acquire new insurance?
      Taxes – Requests the Seller’s property tax bill for pro-ration.
    • Investigates required licenses. Are they transferable?
    • If Buyer and/or Seller are a corporation – need names of the officer(s) authorized to sign a Corporate Resolution authorizing the sale.
  12. How will purchase be allocated?
    • Good will
    • Fixtures and equipment (FF&E)
    • Inventory
    • Covenant not to compete
    • Licenses where applicable
  13. Closing:
    • The closing attorney will prepare a draft of the necessary closing documents including:
    • Closing Statement
    • Purchase Agreement.
    • Bill of Sale
    • Buyer and Seller resolutions
    • Non-Compete, Non-Solicitation Agreement
    • Any other documents such as, but not limited to, a Seller Promissory Note, if applicable.
  14. The above documents will be reviewed by the Buyer and Seller and their advisers, and will submit requested changes for consideration if necessary.
  15. Once the documents are agreed to, a definite date and time will be set for Closing.
  16. If applicable, the Sunbelt broker will coordinate a time acceptable to the Seller and Buyer to do an inventory count prior to Closing.
  17. The Seller and Buyer will be given instructions by the closing attorney as to what they will be expected to bring to Closing.
  18. Any amounts required by existing lien-holders must be satisfied prior to or at closing from the proceeds of the sale of the business.
  19. Any prorating such as rent, utilities etc., where necessary, will be prepared by the closing attorney and shown on the Closing Statement.
  20. When third party financing is involved, such as an SBA loan, sometimes a simultaneous Closing of the loan will take place by the attorney doing the business closing or by a second attorney representing the lender.
  21. When all documents have been signed and funds are in place, a full set of Closing Documents will be distributed to the parties and funds will be dispersed.

We Value Confidentiality

Sunbelt Atlanta can market your business without employees, customers, vendors or competitors knowing that it is for sale. This is important to ensure a smooth transition of the business during the selling process.

Unlike the sale of real estate or new development franchises, the sale of an ongoing business is very confidential for both the seller and the prospective buyer. All inquiries are held in strict confidence when we sell your business. Meetings are confidential, and we will work with you to schedule convenient meeting times and locations.

When we sell your business, one of your most legitimate concerns is confidentiality. Sunbelt Atlanta Business Brokers specialize in keeping all aspects of your business and your desire to sell confidential. Of course, certain information about your business must be disclosed to potential buyers. However, this is only done after your Sunbelt Atlanta Broker prescreens, filters and registers every prospective business buyer. All business sellers are concerned that their competitors, customers, employees or vendors will discover that their business is for sale. Sunbelt brokers act on your behalf as an intermediary while we sell your business. If you engage a Sunbelt Atlanta Broker, he or she is working for you to sell your business in the most professional, discreet and effective way possible.



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